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HPS@UniMelb News #1

Hello HPS Enthusiasts,

Welcome back! Thanks for joining us as we start another academic season of exciting news in the HPS Program at the University of Melbourne.

1. Thank you to Professor Mike Arnold: A Legacy of Leadership

First, a wonderful article in thanks to Professor Mike Arnold, who has retired as the head of the HPS program. Mike's ongoing contributions and dedication have left an indelible mark on our department. To celebrate, Professor Janet McCalman has written a piece for the SHAPS Forum Research blog highlighting Mikes's impact on the HPS community and beyond.

You can read all about it here.

2. HPS Podcast Season 3 Launch: A Date for Your Diary!

We are also exciting to announce the return of our much loved podcast, with Season 3 of The HPS Podcast launching THIS Thursday, March 7th! Please join us as for a wonderful episode with HPS luminaries, Professor Lorraine Daston and Professor Peter Harrison as they discuss their recent Aeon article on "Bridging the Gap Between Scientists and Science Historians."

Then keep coming back for 12 weeks of always fascinating conversations!

3. Professor Fiona Fidler at The Royal Society: A Global Spotlight

In further exciting news, our current head of program, Professor Fiona Fidler, recently took centre stage at The Royal Society in London. Fiona's presentation on 'The History of Preregistration' was part of special two-day meeting at the Royal Society on The Promises and Pitfalls of Preregistration.

4. HPS Seminar Series Returns: An Intellectual Feast

Last, but by no means least, this Wednesday, March 6th, marks the return of our weekly HPS Seminar Series. The first speaker is our very own Dr James Bradley, who will be unravelling the mysteries of 'Robert Lee and his Undisciplined Medical Self'.

If you are interested in joining us for future presentations, please sign up to the HPS Seminar Mailing List here.

Thanks for reading and we hope you have a wonderful week,



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