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Sphere on Spiral Stairs

Our vibrant, interdisciplinary program challenges the way we think about the world. We address questions about the nature of scientific inquiry; the way in which our knowledge of the natural and human world has changed throughout history; the complex relationship between science, culture, religion and politics; and the place of technology in the modern world.

As one of the most eclectic programs at the University, we embrace an interest in ‘almost everything’ and combine the critical thinking of the humanities with the knowledge and discoveries of the sciences.

The HPS Podcast

Talking all things History, Philosophy and Social Studies of Science for a general audience.

This brand new HPS podcast provides accessible, engaging discussions on interesting people and concepts from our broad field. We interview both established and emerging scholars to unpack some of the best ideas HPS has to offer for science, scientists and the interested public. The podcast has been developed by the HPS program at the University of Melbourne. The HPS Podcast is presented by Samara Greenwood and produced by Carmelina Contarino.

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The HPS Seminar Series

The HPS program at the University of Melbourne conducts a weekly seminar series each academic semester. Seminars vary across a broad range of topics and are presented by local, interstate and international scholars. The HPS Seminar Series is convened by Dr Jacinthe Flore and Dr Kate Lynch.
Click below for the current schedule and mailing list details.

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