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Past seminars 2016

Wednesday 16 November

Wednesday 9 November

Edward Dyason – The ‘Businessman-Ideologue’ and The Social Sciences in 1940s Australia

Dr Cecily Hunter

Wednesday 26 October

The history and archives of Australian science: the beginning of the third wave

Assoc. Professor Gavan McCarthy (Archives project, University of Melbourne)

Wednesday 19 October

Paul Davies on information as ontologically basic

Rev Dr Stephen Ames (HPS, University of Melbourne)

Wednesday 12 October

What should we expect from experts? The ‘virtue’ and the ‘knowledge’ models of engagement

Dr Darrin Durant (HPS, University of Melbourne)

Wednesday 14 September

Lucifer let loose: Philip Zimbardo’s public performances of the Stanford Prison Experiment and the implications for models of science communication

Gina Perry (HPS & Culture&Comms, University of Melbourne)

Wednesday 7 September

The Proctor–Parkes incident: politics, protestants and popular astronomy in 1880

Martin Bush (Swinburne Institute for Social Research)

Wednesday 31 August

Charles Darwin, Thomas H. Huxley, and the making of ‘natural man’


Kirsty Machon (HPS, University of Melbourne)

Wednesday 24 August

Conversion of beliefs

Dr John Wilkins (HPS, University of Melbourne)

Wednesday 17 August

How Polanyi made it   

Dr Straun Jacobs (Sociology, Deakin University)

Wednesday 10 August

Environmental governance and knowledge dynamics

Dr Brian Coffey (Global, Urban and Social Studies, RMIT University)

Wednesday 3 August

Astrophysics in Simulacrum: the epistemological role of computer simulations in dark matter studies

Katia Wilson (HPS, University of Melbourne)

Wednesday 27 July

The myth of the Lehman Sisters? Sex, testosterone and financial risk-taking

Associate Prof Cordelia Fine (Melbourne Business School)

Wednesday 25 May

A question of individual determination? Immigrant women doctors in Victoria (Australia), 1930-1960

Fallon Mody (PhD candidate, HPS, University of Melbourne)

Wednesday 18 May

The Structured Use of Concepts as Tools in Neuroimaging Experiments

Eden Tariq Smith (PhD candidate, HPS, University o Melbourne)

Wednesday 11 May

Exceptions to the laws of nature

Dr Martin Leckey (HPS, University of Melbourne) and Prof John Bigelow (Monash)

Wednesday 4 May

How reproducible should science be?

Assoc. Prof Fiona Fidler (BioSciences & HPS, University of Melbourne)

 Wednesday 27 April

Searching for common ground: A scant review of statistical epistemologies   

Assoc. Prof Andrew Robinson (Deputy director CEBRA | Maths & Stats, University of Melbourne)

Wednesday 20 April

Exile on Luxted Road: The Historiography of “Darwin’s Delay” and Why it Matters

Dr Roderick Buchanan (HPS, University of Melbourne)

Wednesday 13 April

Vivisection at the Great Windmill Street School: Ethics, epistemology and the discoveries of Charles Bell

Dr James Bradley (HPS, University of Melbourne)

 Wednesday 6 April

Imaginations gone viral: The implications of F. M. Burnet’s ideas about lysogeny for understanding cancer aetiology in the 1930s

Dr Neeraja Sankaran (visiting independent scholar)

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