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Episode 4 - Cordelia Fine

Cordelia Fine joins Samara this week to talk about the nuance of conducting sex difference research. She talks us through the history of sex difference based research, and what the dangers can be in either leaning too far into the supposed innateness of sex based action, or of dismissing it altogether. We learn how to constructively balance nature and nurture impacts in our studies, and of the prominent work being done in this field.

The podcast can be heard on our website here, or anywhere good podcasts are found

Follow the links below to learn more about Cordelia Fine and her work:

Video: Daphna Joel, ‘Neuroscience of Sex and Gender’ Book: Cordelia Fine, Delusions of Gender 2010

Book: Cordelia Fine, Testosterone Rex 2016

A transcript for the show can he found here.


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May 01

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