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Award for Fiona Fidler and repliCATS

On Monday, June 5th, it was announced that the podcast's very own Professor Fiona Fidler had received the Dean's Award for Research Project of the Year. Fiona heads up the repliCATS project at the University of Melbourne.

The Award was given base on the research team's post publication research evaluation project, which is the largest known project of this nature with over 4000 papers evaluated. The team at repliCATS boasts the best minds in metascience at the University of Melbourne, with researchers, communications experts and administrators from across the university.

"Over the last decade several replication projects in the social and behavioural sciences have raised concerns over the reliability of the published scientific evidence base in those fields. Those replication efforts, which can include hundreds of researchers re-running entire experiments, are illuminating but highly resource intensive and difficult to scale."

The project aims to critically evaluate the replicability and credibility of a large number of published works in the hopes of creating a better science.

Read more about their research methods and aims here:



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