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A new base for HPS at UniMelb

Those who study the History and Philosophy of Science will impress its importance and allure into anyone who will listen. We want to share as much of our discipline as we can in hopes to better the disciplines of history, philosophy and science.

Run by undergraduate and postgraduate students, as well as faculty from the History and Philosophy department at the University of Melbourne, this website is a landing page for all things HPS. Starting this year, there will be a podcast released where different experts speak with Samara Greenwood about their area of the discipline, creating a varied and interesting introduction into HPS. The seminar series, coordinated by Martin Bush, will now have its base here as every week during semester a talk is given by academics from universities across Australia and around the world. In addition, the website hosts links and information about HPS at UniMelb and across Australia for prospective and current students or faculty.

We welcome you to the new hub for HPS and look forward to your involvement.

Fiona, Samara and Indigo



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