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HPS@UniMelb News for August 2023

Hello all!

Here are some quick updates on what has been happening in and around HPS@UniMelb.

First of all, some recent episodes of The HPS Podcast include:

An upcoming episode will feature Dr James McElvenny, linguist and intellectual historian, who also runs his own podcast - History and Philosophy of the Language Sciences.

Also to be featured are two of our own - Dr Martin Bush and Professor Fiona Fidler - who will finish up our inaugural season. We'll then take a short break before returning for another 12 episodes in Season 2!

This semester we also welcome two wonderful new lecturers to our HPS program, Dr Kate Lynch - philosopher of biology - and Dr Jacinthe Flore - historian of medicine and STS scholar - both of whom will be interviewed in the next season of the podcast.

In other news, Professor Cordelia Fine has launched a podcast season of her own called Working Fathers, all about dads, families and work. All 5 episodes have been released, and can be found here.

The HPS Seminar Series for Semester 2 begins this week with Peter Seddon presenting on 'Where Do Theories Come From? An Inference-to-the-Best-Explanation Theory of Theory Building'. Further information on the seminars for this semester can be found on our website here.

Finally, expressions of interest are sought for a PhD position in the MetaMelb Research Group with Fiona Fidler and Simine Vazire. More information on the position can be found here.

We hope you have a great week.


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