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Bonus Episodes and Season 2!

After a brief pause, The HPS Podcast is back!

During our break we released two bonus episodes.

First, a timely interview with Simine Vazire on 'Making Science Better', where she discusses her work on the replication crisis in psychology as well as recent controversies including Data Colada's work on uncovering scientific misconduct.

Second, a slightly different episode where our guest, philosopher and historian of physics Josh Eisenthal, asks as many questions as he answers! In this episode Samara and Josh have a more informal discussion, reflecting on the ways in which topics in Season 1 intersect with their own research interests. In particular, Josh and Sam chat about Donna Haraway's concept of Storytelling, Greg Radick's discussion of Counterfactual History and Fallon Mody's thoughts on Biography.

And next week - Thursday 5th of October 2023 - we launch Season 2 with a very special episode featuring Professor Rachel Ankeny discussing the topic of 'Scientific Repertoires' - a concept Rachel developed alongside Professor Sabina Leonelli.

We will then continue releasing episodes weekly for our 12 week second season. PLUS, we've already planned a bonus Christmas Special for the end of the year, which will be recorded live from the 2023 AAHPSSS Conference [The Australasian Association for the History, Philosophy and Social Studies of Science]. Both Samara and Indi will be attending with many of our season one interviewees presenting including Dr Rachael Brown who is presenting the Dyason Lecture this year.

In other news, we have also joined the wonderful world of BlueSky! If you haven't already joined, we recommend the platform as an excellent way to connect with science scholars and scientists alike. If you are looking for us, our handle is

Cheers, Sam and Indi x



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